When my weather meets your weather

Isn’t British weather just great? It’s so unpredictable that we have a ready source of conversation. We can commiserate together in the downpour, or verbally bask together in the sunshine. The challenge comes when the experience of weather is not shared. Actually you might be enjoying this rain and the sunshine may be a bit hot for my comfort. So the weather metaphor for mindfulness is also a reminder to ask “How is the weather for you right now?”

When I have got into a mess in communication with other people it’s usually because I haven’t been checking my weather or theirs. This happened recently and was costly and led me to a lot of heart searching since. Looking back I was not  honestly in touch with my feelings and motivation at the time. I was not clear about my intention and nor was I noticing the effect of my words and tone on the other person. I had set out without being clear what my internal weather was. I had ignored the signs of a storm and carried on regardless.