About Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness means choosing to be more present in our lives. Jon Kabat-Zinn (2003), a pioneer of mindfulness-based interventions, describes mindfulness as ‘an awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience, moment by moment’.


We all have a natural capacity for mindfulness. With regular practice, mindfulness and its benefits can become more readily accessible in our everyday lives. Mindfulness can help us access powerful inner resources for coping with stress, difficulty and illness. A growing body of research evidence indicates wide-ranging health benefits for individuals who choose to develop mindfulness in their lives.

Meditation Practice

Mindfulness practice is based on ancient spiritual practices and is central to Buddhist meditation. Contemporary courses in mindfulness-based approaches teach mindfulness in relation to simply being human. These courses are not attached to religious or spiritual beliefs. Participants are guided and supported in developing a personal mindfulness meditation practice and bringing mindful awareness into daily life.



I very much enjoyed the doing mindfulness course with Susannah. It added a lot to my life and continues to do so.

The course enabled me to understand what ‘mindfulness’ is and how I can incorporate it into my everyday life. 

Undertaking the course with Susannah (and the participants) made being mindful particularly enjoyable for me. Susannah’s course encouraged me to make sense of what mindfulness is and can be.

Susannah is a caring person and is particularly good at listening to people in an attentive way. Susannah allows you to be who you are, no matter what, and very quickly puts you at your ease.

Her courses are well structured and easily accessible. If anyone has any doubts about doing the course then I would suggest that they try one of her introductory sessions to see whether they would like to do the full 8 week course or not.

I would say that the important thing is to have an open mind to see what mindfulness can bring to your life. You may be very pleasantly surprised.