Inspiration from prisoners

Every so often I receive a newsletter from the Prison Phoenix Trust

It is the least glossy, showy newsletter imaginable and every time I receive it I feel a little leap of joy in my heart. The Prison Pheonix Trust supports prisoners through providing resources to help them develop meditation and breath-focussed yoga stretches. I always feel inspired by reading the words of the prisoners. Here is a sample:

“One of the new attendees of the meditation group was spotted telling his wife how to do the breathing exercise over the phone to help her with stress! prisoners not only helping each other but even those outside of prison. Awesome!”

“The only reason I stick to yoga and meditation is because I feel changes in me so much…The guy I used to be couldn’t listen to people for long without starting to think of myself and judging,even though the other guy talking had not finished what he meant. A couple of days ago someone was telling me a story and I was really listening to him. I felt everything he said and could smile with him. He is not very liked by the other inmates. My old self wouldn’t have the joy to listen to him…Now I smile at people and they smile back. It feels honest and warm.”