For well over a month, I have forgotten to write a reflection and post it  here.

So in recent days I have been reflecting on forgetting.

It seems I lost connection with my intention for writing.  I wasn’t clear. I had some doubts. For whom am I writing? What is needed? And if no one reads what I write does it matter?

Forgetfulness can be a big part of a mindfulness journey. The fruits of mindfulness practice can be subtle, elusive and certainly not instant. Why practice?

Becoming aware of these doubts can be a useful reminder to reconnect with my intention.

What matters to me and what draws me to practice mindfulness?

What really matters to me? What do I really know, deep down, that mindfulness offers to me?

And when I ask these questions, I remember.

And remembering I can open to simply what is here, now.

It is a bit like the return of catkins and snowdrops in spring.

Mindfulness is always available- awareness, here and now. Practice can begin again in just this moment.