Christmas tree practice

When I succumbed to a viral infection during the festive season, the Christmas tree supported my  mindfulness practice.

The Christmas tree happened to be in my line of sight as I  lay on the sofa. I chose to practice mindfulness with my eyes open to help me to stay awake.  The Christmas tree lights (which have 8 different flash speed settings) were set to “slow fade”. As I tuned into my body, feeling the contact with the sofa and feeling the movement of my breath in my belly, I discovered that the fading and brightening of the Christmas tree lights corresponded to the rhythm of my in breath and my out breath. Whenever my mind wandered and I noticed thoughts such as  ” I feel lousy”; ” I don’t want to feel this way “; “Am I getting better or worse?”  I brought my attention to the feel of my breath, to the fading and brightening of the lights and I let the thoughts go. As best I could,  I allowed myself to be as I was in that moment.

The Christmas tree, a symbol of life in the midst of winter, offered me peace.