Mindfulness, Counselling, Supervision and Training

Welcome from Susannah Crump


Mindfulness is an awareness that arises through paying attention, moment-by-moment, in an open way, allowing our experience to be just as it is.

Practising mindfulness can help us to be more fully awake to our lives. It can help us stay in touch with ourselves and what matters to us. At times of difficulty mindfulness can help us to face what is happening with courage and allow us to make wise choices for ourselves.

I teach Mindfulness-based approaches through courses, workshops, retreats and bespoke events.


Counselling is an opportunity to be listened to, make sense of things and find ways forward.


Supervision is a  regular space that is contracted between supervisor and supervisee that enables them to reflect together on the supervisee’s  practice. It  encourages  growth, understanding, integrity, safety and effectiveness of the supervisee’s work.

I offer supervision for counsellors and mindfulness-based teachers.


I am a member of the core training team for Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice ( CMRP).  If you wish to train to teach mindfulness-based approaches please see the CMRP website https://www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness/


8 Week Course Participant

It has been an amazing journey these 8 weeks. I’ve learnt so much and feel confident that no matter what arises in my thoughts or emotions I can hold them in awareness using the techniques I’ve learned. It has been a real blessing – thank you.

8 Week Course Participant
Distance Learner

Susannah struck the right balance in not providing answers to all my questions, but opening things out for me through dialogue and enquiry. Sensitive and insightful.

Distance Learner
Brian, Newcastle

I learned a lot about myself and the beginnings of being mindful. I appreciate your skills, insights and group management. Excellent!

Brian, Newcastle8 week course participant
Naomi Watson

Thank you so much. This course was fantastic and your skill and warmth was essential to my having the confidence to engaging in this activity and learning so much.

Naomi Watson8 week course participant

I learned how to refocus my attention onto what is true and real. Presentation of the course was gentle yet progressive and inclusive. It’s made me see hope and that things don’t have to be stuck.

Jimmy8 week course participant
Liz Purvis

I learned lots and lots !!! The changes in my life have been- no migraine, lower blood pressure, feeling calmer and more grounded. I wish I’d discovered this years ago.

Liz Purvis8 week course participant